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Crystal Pluton Fungicide

Crystal Pluton Fungicide

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Crystal Pluton Fungicide

Azoxystrobin 11.5% + Mancozeb 30% WP

Crystal Pluton Use in Tomato Crop and control Early & Late blight disease 


  • Crystal Pluton is a contact as well as systemic broadspectrum fungicide with protective action.
  • Pluton fungicide is recommended to be applied at early appearance of disease or prophylactically.
  • Pluton Fungicide gives broad spectrum control on targeted diseases, with right application time.
  • Pluton crystal gives excellent Phytotonic effect which enhances yield and improves quality of fruits.
Recommended dose:
  • Crystal Pluton Use in Crop


  • Common name of the Pest

    Early & Late blight

  • Crystal Pluton Dose (gm/acre)


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