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Syngenta Saaho TO 3251 Tomato

Syngenta Saaho TO 3251 Tomato

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Syngenta Saaho Tomato Seeds TO-3251


  • Determinate type
  • Vigorous with medium foliage cover
  • High yielding.
  • Uniform 90-100 gm fruit size
  • Flat Round type, uniform green shape fruit
  • Very good fruit firmness
  • Good Stay greenness
  • Dark green foliage
  • High Yield potential


  • Good Desi Fruit Type
  • White Shoulder with very good firm fruits and good keeping quality.
  • Ripe fruits are uniform red and glossy.
  • Good Heat-set
  • TYLCV and Bacterial Blight Tolerance.
  • Harvesting starts 55-60 days after transplanting.
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