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Syngenta Simodis Insecticide

Syngenta Simodis Insecticide

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Simodis Syngenta Insecticide

Technical Name- Isocycloseram 9.2% w/w DC + Isocycloseram 10% w/v DC

Syngenta Simodis Insecticide provides reliable protection for crops against harmful insects. It has a powerful, long-lasting effect, with an active ingredient that works up to four weeks after application. Syngenta Simodis Insecticide is easy to use and helps protect crops from insect

Syngenta Simodis Insecticide is an effective, professional-grade solution for eliminating pests. Its active ingredient, simodis, provides fast and long-lasting results. With Syngenta Simodis, you can rest assured that you'll be able to protect your plants from pests.

Created by industry experts, Syngenta Simodis Insecticide is a reliable solution for insect control. Featuring a combination of Isocycloseram 9.2% w/w DC and Isocycloseram 10% w/v DC, this insecticide offers a powerful defense against pests. Take control of your insect problem today with Syngenta Simodis Insecticide.

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